About Graeme Mark

GraemeMark is a narrative songwriter who infuses his cerebral compositions with just a little touch of Irish soul- that of the Ocean, the Glens and the residue of Celtic spirituality which still lives on the island.

Feeling the call to cut these ties and build a life in Europe with his young wife, he took off for the Danubian plains of landlocked Slovakia and has set about making a name for himself as one of their own.

Proofs that Graeme is becoming a naturalized Slovak include his new-found hankerings for ice hockey and for the occasional thumb of gin…


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Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

19th August, Private Party Leopoldov

3rd September, Fotogaleria Trafacka Nitra - w/ Folkie

9th September, Jarmok Trnava

10th September, Bratislavske Kulturne Leto

23rd September, Wedding Dechtice

6th October, Mestival Nitra

7th October, ArtKlub Trnava - w/ Archivny Chlapec

9th December, Bombura Brezno - w/ Chris Ellys

Past Shows


5th August, Piestany Street Art Festival

27th July, Leto na Korze Trnava

23rd July, Namestie Slobody Puchov - w/ Gemini Irish Music

22nd July, CountryFest Bohunice

16th July, Bratislava Kulturne Leto - Music Square

15th July, Cerveny Kamen - w/ Gemini Irish Music

14th July, Penzion pri Jazere Banska Stiavnica

13th July, Tabacka Kulturfabrik Kosice

30th June, Bufet Marias Dobra Voda

28th June, Streetfood Meating HB Reavis Bratislava

25th June, Rodinny den @ TMT Trnava

24th June, Ekofest Trnava

16th June, Grilzur 2 @ Kniznica Ruzinov

11th June, Trafo Trh @ Fotogaleria Trafacka Nitra—w/ Folkie

9th June, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Zvolen

5th May, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Zilina

6th May, Pivny Festival Leopoldov

12th May, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Bratislava

22nd April, Koncertna sien pod radnicou Topolcany - w/ Peter Zigo (Photographer)

22nd April, Dobry Trh Bratislava - w/ Folkie

14th April, Bombura Brezno - w/ Chris Ellys

8th April, Kolkaren Stara Lubovna

21st March, Cajka Trnava - Studentsky Utorok

11th March, Kastiel Chtelnica - w/ Gemini Irish Music

10th March, Music A Cafe Trnava - w/ King Shaolin, Celeste Buckingham, and Vladis

3rd March, Blue Note Cafe Nove Mesto nad Vahom - w/ King Shaolin and Celeste Buckingham


19th December, "Frastacke" Vianocne Trhy

17th December, Zelenecske Vianocne Trhy

16th December, Trnavske Vianocne Trhy

10th December, Leopoldovske Vianocne Trhy

9th December, Bratislava

6th December, Trnavska Filozoficka Fakulta: Mikulasska Party

26th November, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Levice

25th November, Smer Music Bar Zilina - with Chris Ellys

19th November, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Myjava

18th November, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Trencianske Teplice

12th November, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Kosice

11th November, Tullamore Dew Busking Tour Presov and Bardejov

25th September, Trnavsky Piknik

24th September, Wedding in Piestany

9th September, Jarmok Trnava - Graeme Mark Band

3rd September, Tarzania Devinska Nova Ves

02nd September, British Rock Stars Bratislava - with King Shaolin and Zuzana Mikulcova

27th August, Leto na Korze Trnava - Graeme Mark Band

19th August, Cafe Dzezva Zvolen

13th August, Wedding in Topolcany - Graeme Mark Band

12th August, Klub Vokno Liberec - Graeme Mark Band

02nd August, Demovnica na Streche: Central Bratislava - Graeme Mark Band

23rd July, Devinska Nova Ves - Graeme Mark Solo

15th July, Proma Frajdej Trnava - Graeme Mark Band

9th July, Trnava - Graeme Mark Solo

2nd July, Bufet Marias Dobra Voda - with Graeme Mark Band

17th June, CafeBar Jasterice Banska Stiavnica - Graeme Mark Band

16th June, Cafe Dzezva Zvolen - Graeme Mark Band

11th June, Trnavska Trinastka Trnava - Graeme Mark Band

3rd June, Lumen Festival Trnava - Graeme Mark Band28th May, Tullamore Dew Promo Bratislava - Graeme Mark Band Unplugged

27th May, Tullamore Dew Promo Bratislava - Graeme Mark Band Unplugged

25th May, Kafe Scherz Bratislava - Graeme Mark Band

20th May, Divadelna Kaviaren Zilina - Graeme Mark Solo

14th May, Wedding at Cerveny Kamen - Graeme Mark Band

11th May, Jetzt Vienna - The Acoustic Room with the Vienna Songwriters' Circle

6th May, Tullamore Dew Promo - Graeme Mark Band Unplugged

5th May, Tanciaren Franz in Lucenec - with Graeme Mark Band

3rd May, TrenchTown Radio Live Trencin - Graeme Mark Solo

23rd April, Dobry Trh Bratislava - with Folkie

22nd April, Tullamore Dew Promo Nitra - Graeme Mark Band Unplugged

13th April, Synagóga Café Trnava - with Tri Tvorivé Tvory

2nd April, Cafe Bar Sway Topolcany - Graeme Mark Band

1st April, Tullamore Dew Promo Bratislava - Graeme Mark Band Unplugged

31st March, Partizani Trnava - Graeme Mark Band

15th January, DK Luky Bratislava - with Klady Kludu


11th December, Christmas Markets Hlohovec

8th December, Art Club Trnava

4th December, Mariatchi Nitra

28th November, Shanti Art Café, Žiar nad Hronom

27th November, Farhof Art Club Banska Bystrica

20th November, Rotunda Cafe Trnava

12th November, Damian at The Peach Bratislava

15th October, Demovnica Live in NuSpirit Bar Bratislava

3rd October, Festival Den Trnava

18th August, Ghetto Art Academy Split Croatia

9th July, Leto na Korze Trnava

20th June, Cafe Sway Topolcany

12th June, Edison Caffe Hlohovec

05th June, Festival Lumen Trnava

30th May, Cafe Dzezva Zvolen

29th May, Noc Kostolov Kosolna

8th May, Dom Kultury Puchov

2nd May, Shanti Art Cafe Ziar nad Hronom

1st May, Cafe Dzezva Zvolen

15th April, Študentské Divadlo pri UKF Nitra - Musical guest, Improliga

13th April, Radio Frontinus Zilina - Morning show with Michal Bohúň

14th March, Teatro Mefisto Banska Bystrica

13th March, Akropola Kremnica

27th February, Manuel Cafe Trnava

26th February, Club Tatra Nitra

21st February, Groteska Art Caffe Poprad

20th Februry, Panoptikum Ruzomberok

24th January, Merkur Pub Trnava

10th January, Chata Kosodrevina


20th December, Cult Club Banska Bystrica

13th December, The Immigrant Brno

12th December, Junk Food Restaurant Brno

11th December, U Kouriciho Kralika Brno

5th December, Cafe Stena Bratislava

29th November, Bar Teatro Bratislava

28th November, Cafe Dzezva Zvolen

26th November, Smolenicky Zamok

14th November, Murphy's Bar Senec

09th November, Grosteska Art Cafe Poprad

8th November, LP Cafe Spisska Nova Ves

7th November, Bombura Club Brezno

18th October, Exit Klub Levice

11th October, CafeBar Sway Topolcany

27th September, Natur Trh @ Cafe Dzezva Zvolen

26th September, Archanjeli Banska Stiavnica

21st September, Duck Bar Brno

19th September, Cafe Flexaret Brno

12th September, Cajovna Oaza Lubovnik Bratislava

16th August, Private show Dolna Krupa

1st August , Rotunda Trnava

6th July, Smolenicky zamok Smolenice

4th July, Vecer pod stenou - Kontakt cafe Levice

03rd July, Cafe Smelly Cat Kosice

28th June, Klub B2 Umelci Povazska Bystrica

27th June, Sturbaks Cafe - Zilina

21st June, Season Cafe Zvolen

10th June, U cerveneho raka Bratislava - Krst knihy "Krv prvorodených" z Juraja Červenáka

7th June, OpenMic v Hlohovci

24th May, Kamenny mlyn Trnava - Country Vecer

10th May, Art Club Trnava - Something blue (with Jana Andevska)

05th April, Kaviaren Pohoda Banská Bystrica

04th April, Dom Odborov Žilina - Training conference for youth workers Read more on their website

08th March, Music Cafe Trnava - Birthday concert on international women's day Facebook event page

04th January, Art Klub Trnava - In support of Alexander in Paris (Finland)


20th December, Christmas Party FARMAX Slovensko

1st December, Tekovian Museum Levice - Musical guest at charity art sale

30th November, Zona Bez Peňazi Trnava

28th November, Hlava 22 Bratislava - In support of In Vivo (a jeho energetický koktejl)

04th October, Manuel Caffe Trnava

20th September, Kontakt Café Levice

13th September, UPdate Conference Liptovský Mikuláš

12th September, Groteska Art Caffe Poprad

1st September, Live in Radio Bunker Trnava

31st August, Museum Sered - Opening of Cyril and Methodius memorial exhibition

27th August, CafeBar Scherz Bratislava- Along with Ščevlíková & Zajaček

26th August, Amfik Cafe Trnava- Musical Guest at "Experiment Orbis Project"

23rd August, Escape Club Žilina

22nd August, Štúrbaks - ŽilinaRead more on Facebook

17th August, Festival Dobre Bzince

10th August, Zahir Café Nitra

27th July, Festival Dobre Bohunice Read more on Facebook

23rd July, Malá Synagoga Trnava - Book reading wih Eva Luka and Petr Borkovec

20th July, Music Cafe TrnavaRead more on Facebook

1st June, Cafe Amadeus, Vienna - In support of Ryan McGrathRead more on Facebook

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Get in touch


1. Rebellion of the Slaves

2. Eyes Have Faces

3. Make the Rain a River